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Results: Manuscripts & Miniatures | 10 July 2018

Results: Manuscripts & Miniatures | 10 July 2018

Results: Manuscripts & Miniatures | 10 July 2018

Our twice yearly auctions of Western and Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures feature works dating in range from Ancient papyrus, to medieval charters, rolls and illuminated codices (or fragments or cuttings of these) and continue through to later manuscripts from the centuries immediately following the invention of printing, and even later in the cases of the cultures of the Near East as well as those such as Iceland and Ireland when printing in those languages did not become the norm until the dawn of our modern age.

These auctions are divided into examples of manuscripts from both the Western world and the Islamic and other neighbouring cultures of the Eastern world.

Our next auction will be held on Tuesday 4 December.

Top Ten prices realised | 10 July 2018

Lot Description Estimate (GBP) Sold (GBP)

The Hours of Isabella d’Este, Use of Rome, in Latin, opulently illuminated manuscript, [Italy (Florence), c. 1490]


£200,000-300,000 £421,600
81 The Canterbury ‘Trussel’ Bible, with prologues of Jerome and interpretation of Hebrew names, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on fine parchment [southern England, or perhaps Northern France, third quarter of the thirteenth century] £100,000- 150,000 £124,000
87 Basil of Caesarea, Epistola ad Adolenscentes, in the Latin translation of Leonardo Bruni, and Epistola ad Gregorium, in the Latin translation of Francesco Filelfo, with other texts, manuscript on parchment [Italy (Milan), c. 1440 – c. 1450] £70,000-90,000 £86,000
79 Niketas Akominatos Choniates, Chronike Diegesis (a contemporary chronicle of the Crusades to the Holy Land), in Gree, decorated manuscript on paper [northern Italy (Venice), dated 3 October 1541] £30,000-50,000 £59,520
6 Bible, Zechariah, 14:21 – Malachi 2:10, in Hebrew, manuscript on parchment [Oriental (Near East), tenth or eleventh century] £30,000-50,000 £37,200
80 Presbyter Leo of Naples, Historia Alexandri Magni (Historia de Preliis), in Latin, manuscript on paper [Italy (perhaps northern border with Switzerland), second half of fourteenth century] £30,000-50,000 £37,200
91 Book of Hours, Use of Utrecht, in the Dutch translation of Geert Grote, illuminated manuscript on parchment [northern Netherlands (almost certainly Zwolle), c. 1470-80] £30,000-50,000 £37,200
82 William Peraldus, Summa de Vitiis, in Latin, decorated manuscript on parchment [France (perhaps central), late thirteenth century] £25,000-35,000 £31,000
86 Tibullus, Elegae ad Messalam Corvinum, in Latin verse, illuminated manuscript on parchment [Italy (probably southern Italy), late fifteenth century] £25,000-35,000 £24,800
5 Bible, Cantica Canticorum (Song of Songs 4:12–14 and 5: 8-9), in Sahidic Coptic, miniscule manuscript on parchment [Egypt, fifth cen tury] £15,000-20,000 £18,600


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Inline Image - Lot 90, the Hours of Isabella d'Este, sold for £421,600
Lot 90, the Hours of Isabella d'Este, sold for £421,600

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