Dreweatts Specialist's Favourites | Art on a Postcard Winter Auction | 5-19 November 2020

Dreweatts Specialist's Favourites | Art on a Postcard Winter Auction | 5-19 November 2020

Dreweatts Specialist's Favourites | Art on a Postcard Winter Auction | 5-19 November 2020

Don't miss the acclaimed Art on a Postcard Winter Auction, raising invaluable funds for The Hepatitis C Trust. From 5-19 November 2020 Dreweatts will host this wonderful timed online auction, offering a wonderful opportunity to bid on and own an original postcard sized artwork by an outstanding contemporary artist.

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Ahead of the auction, Dreweatts Picture Specialists, Jennie Fisher, Brandon Lindberg, Lucy Darlington and Francesca Whitham pick out their favourite lots.

Jennie's Favourites

Lot 3 | Tate St. Ives by Mandy Payne

'I love the Brutalist architecture of the Tate St. Ives as well as being a favourite place of mine ti visit. The colour scheme, which is typical of her work, perfectly represents the materials used and the juxtaposition of the angles draw the viewer into the picture.'

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Lot 154 | Coastline No.9 - Artist Proof by Martyn Brewster

'I really like this abstract depiction of ht coastline, with its deep blues and organic lines. The medium of linocut is used to its full effect, providing a sense of depth and variation of tone which perfectly reflects the artist's vision of the sea.'

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Lot 166 | Tintagel Coast 1 by Vanessa Gardiner

'In a similar vein to my previous two picks, I really love this artist's geometric interpretations of ht coastal landscape. Having seen her work on a large scale in one of our client's houses, I was immediately struck by her images of the north Cornish coast so it is a real treat to find her represented in this auction.'

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Brandon's Favourites

Lot 64 | The Dungeness Lighthouse by Robert E Wells

'Dungeness has a strange other-worldly quality about it. The flat shingle landscape couldn't be more at odds with the conventional view of Kent as the garden of England. The artist captures this quality and it suits his objective and measured technique.'

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Lot 284 | Flock by Seren Bell

'I love the way the interlocking shapes of the flock of sheep fill the whole image. The texture of the wool is conveyed convincingly and you can almost smell the lanolin!'

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Lot 316 | Heavy Shower by Malcolm Ashman

'The sight of a distant rain storm rolling across a landscape has always captured my imagination and is one of the everyday wonders of nature that is a welcome distraction. Although created with a very different graphic technique, this powerful landscape has strong parallels to John Constable's equally diminutive plain air sketches, painted two centuries earlier.'

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Lucy's Favourites

Lot 343 | Gracious Monstera Bouquet by Cathy Tabbakh

'I love the simplicity of this work. The colours are fresh and vibrant and the bold abstract shapes work really well with this composition.'

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Lot 460 | Fish and Wine by Simon Laurie

'I really like the fun, playful nature of this work. The simple but stylised depiction of the three fish and carafe of wine evoke memories of past summer holidays to the South of France, eating and drinking similar food and wine by the coast.'

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Lot 483 | Along the Walk by Gordon Close

'I love the illustrative design of this work. The close perspective and muted colour tones are really striking and have the effect of making the viewer feel as though they have stumbled in a scene from a fairy tale.'

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Francesca's Favourites

Lot 90 | Bowie by Orlanda Broom

'As the nights draw in this colourful piece fills me with such joy. Bright, playful and tropical, this piece would brighten any wall space.'

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Lot 128 | Central Park Ice Rink by Jason Gibilaro

'This works transports me straight to New York and reminds me of my amazing trips I have been lucky enough to take to the Big Apple. During a time when travel is no longer an option it is important to take time to reflect on the wonderful experiences and opportunities we have had however big or small. A jewel of a picture!'

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Lot 180 | Containers by Duncan Grant

'What I love about this work is the way in which it has been built up with small, simple shapes and marks to create such an exciting landscape. I can imagine the work making an amazing stained glass window with the light shining through. The orange is particularly powerful!'

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This is a timed online auction running from 5 - 19 November. 

Bidding starts at £50. There is no buyer's premium applicable on lots in this auction.

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