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Mary Hare | Charity for 2019

Dreweatts is delighted to announce that Mary Hare School for deaf children will be our charity for 2019.


Pippa Middleton and Sophie Ryder with the Mary Hare sculpture
by Sophie for the Mary Hare Primary School
Copyright Photo by Les Wilson | Les@leswilson.com | 5th Sept 2018

The idea came to staff at Dreweatts following the launch of the Maryhare sculpture project in September 2018.

Cristian Beadman and Charlotte Schelling, sculpture and works of art specialists at Dreweatts, attended the event in London where Pippa Middleton (Ambassador to Mary Hare) and sculptor Sophie Ryder told guests how they had teamed up to create a unique work to be sold in support of the Mary Hare Primary School Appeal.

Mary Hare plans to build a brand new, bespoke Primary School for deaf children on its site near Newbury, Berkshire.  The whole project will cost £6 million and the School aims to raise half of this (£3 million) from a fundraising Appeal and the rest from the sale of the existing Primary School building.

Maryhare sculpture by Sophie Ryder.
Bronze limited edition of 50, 24cm x 16 cm x 10 cm.
Proceeds from the sale of the sculptures will go towards
the Mary Hare Primary School Appeal.


Jonathan Pratt, Managing Director of Dreweatts, said “We are delighted to be supporting Mary Hare this year.  Their work and the results they achieve are inspirational.  We look forward to collaborating with them on a variety of initiatives over the coming months and helping them with their fundraising for the new Primary School.”

Sophie Ryder has donated a limited edition of 50 bronzes to be sold for the charity. She named the sculpture Maryhare as it shows a woman’s body with the head of a hare.  Cristian and Charlotte were so impressed by the project they wanted to offer their help in some way.

During the year, Dreweatts will support Mary Hare in several ways.  The main event is an auction of donated art, to be held in early September.  The charity and Dreweatts are approaching artists to donate a work of art to be auctioned alongside one of Sophie Ryder’s Maryhare sculptures.

In addition, Dreweatts staff will welcome 6th form pupils interested in art and history – to give them an insight into the world of fine art auctioneers.

Pippa Middleton in the class room at the Mary Hare School.
Copyright Photo by Les Wilson | Les@leswilson.com
5th Sept 2018

Peter Gale, Principal of the School said: “I am always amazed that busy people want to take on the additional work of helping us to raise funds.  Working with Dreweatts will not only help us achieve our target of £3 million, but also raise our profile amongst a whole new audience.”

Background information:
Mary Hare School is a national, residential school for deaf children.  It educates deaf children from 5 years to 18 years of age, offering the full national curriculum, through spoken English.  It is the largest special school for deaf children in the UK.

Mary Hare launched its Primary School Appeal in July 2017.  The aim is to raise £3 million towards the building of a brand new Primary School on the Arlington campus.  To date the charity has raised £1.5 million and is planning to open the new school in 2021.  Planning permission was granted in August last year.

The Story of the Maryhare sculpture
Watch the video: www.maryharesculpture.org.uk

Dreweatts was responsible for the sale of Arlington Manor in 1905 when it was sold to Colonel Fairhurst, who subsequently sold it to the Mary Hare School in 1947.  Arlington Manor was used by the military during the war and by the time Mary Hare School bought it, the grounds had become wild and a lot of work was needed to make it suitable as a school.

For further information about Mary Hare school for deaf children: www.maryhare.org.uk

Watch a video about the story of the Maryhare sculpture: www.maryharesculpture.org.uk