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Hermès silk scarves – always in fashion | 13 February

On February 13 Dreweatts will offer a superb selection of silk scarves by Hermès in the auction of Jewellery, Luxury Accessories and Silver.

Here we present you with a few things you might like to know about the famous Hermès silk scarf.

Founded in 1837, the French luxury goods house of Hermès started out as a horse bridle and harness making company before branching out into luxury accessories. One hundred years later, in 1937, the silk scarf made its debut when Robert Dumas created a scarf named Jeu Des Omnibus Et Dames Blanches, based on a print in the collection of Emile Hermès; an example of a silk scarf in this design will be offered in our February auction.

Since 1937 over 2,000 scarf designs have been produced.

Lot 704, Jeu Des Omnibus Et Dames Blanches, silk scarf
with horse and carriage decoration and ladies seated around a table playing a game, with rolled edges
Est. £80-120 (+fees)

The Hermès scarf has provided the perfect finishing touch for some of the world’s most glamorous women, notably: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II (depicted in a 1950s postage stamp wearing an Hermès scarf).

Lot 697, Alternateur, turquoise silk scarf designed by Pierre Peron,
decorated with an alternator, with rolled edges
Est. £120-160 (+fees)

Hermès scarves are hand-printed using multiple silk screens.

It takes a studio of 20 freelance designers approximately 9 – 10 months to create a final pattern and for it to be approved; colour testing then takes another 3 months.

The entire process from design to concept, engraving and printing, to hand-finishing is approximately two years.

Lot 707, Early America, brown silk scarf, designed by Francoise De La Perron
with animal and foliate decoration, the centre featuring General and Lady Washington, with rolled edges
Est. £70-100 (+fees)

Each scarf design has a title and many are commemorative with an overall concept, some popular themes include: equestrian, military, nautical, fantastical, floral, mythological, geographical and historical, amongst many others.

Each scarf design is issued in a number of different colour ways.

Lot 706, Fleurs De L'opera, white silk scarf, designed by Julie Abadie,
with floral, foliage and ribbon decoration, with rolled edges
Est. £70-100 (+fees)

Hermès artists are often known for their own particular style of design; for example, Julie Abadie, who has designed for Hermès since 1969, is inspired by Grecian motifs and themes. Hugo Grygkar created designs from 1946 to 1959, and he is regarded as one of the most creative of all Hermès designers.

Examples of scarves designed by both Abadie and Grygkar are amongst those in the forthcoming auction.

Lot 689, La Promenade de Longchamps, silk scarf
designed by Ledoux, with horse and carriage decoration, with rolled edges
Est. £80-120 (+fees)

Each Hermès scarf incorporates on average at least five different colours; the design with the greatest number of colours, at 42, is A Vos Crayons.

Designs may be re-issued decades later, or just a few years after the original release. And, new colours or a border are invariably added to vintage designs.

Lot 691, Quai aux Fleurs, silk scarf
designed by Hugo Grygkar, decorated with floral sprays, with rolled edges
Est. £100-200 (+fees)

The hand-stitched, hand-rolled hem on the Hermès scarf is known as a “roule”.

It takes approximately 45 minutes for a hem to be hand rolled and sewn; the rolling of the roule is the final step in the creation of a scarf.

The distinctive hand rolled edge is a feature to look out for when purchasing an Hermès scarf.

Lot 690, Les Cles, black silk scarf, designed by Cathy Latham
with key and tassel decoration and rolled edges
Est. £120-160 (+fees)

The February selection includes examples of two of Hermès best-selling designs: Brides de Gala, designed by Hugo Grygkar and Les Cles, designed by Cathy Latham, showing here.

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For more information on the Hermès silk scarves in this auction or to consign to future auctions of Luxury Accessories please contact us: jsw@dreweatts.com | +44 (0)1635 553 553