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Happy International Women’s Day!Portrayed here is Leonora Philipps (nee Gerstenberg) (1862 – 1915) also known as Nora Philipps, Mrs Wynford Philipps and Lady St. Davids. She was a political activist and campaigner for women’s rights.• This portrait of Leonora Philipps is being offered in our Fine Pictures auction on 26 April.•As a young woman influenced by the ideas of John Stuart Mill and trips to the East End of London and later the United States, Philipps began to appreciate the issues and inequalities associated with and surrounding feminism at this time. This inspired her to become active in the Women’s Liberal Federation (WLF), later becoming president of the Westminster Women’s Liberal Federation. As a prominent public speaker, Philipps strongly supported the progressive faction of the WFL during the split over suffrage in 1891.• During 1892 Philipps was elected president of the Welsh Union of Women’s Liberal Associations and was a co-founder of the Pioneer Clun in London as well as many of the other women’s rights organisations of the day including the Somerville Club and the Woman’s Institute at Grosvenor Square. A prominent member of the executive committee of the Central National Society for Women’s Suffrage, Philipps was much in demand as a national lecturer. #vote100 #internationalwomensday #womensvote #iwd2018 #oilpainting #dreweatts