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Model Stationary Engines

Model live steam and Internal Combustion stationary engines range from small models of 19th century British mill engines to large examples of Lancashire & Yorkshire mill engines designed for specialist uses. These models often incorporate fine design details such as ‘compounded cylinders’, and ‘advanced valve gear’ and are invariably displayed in their original mill settings with decorative brick-work, hand rails and gantries, based on their original Victorian place of work.

Our auctions feature a wide variety of compound marine engines in scales from 1 inch, to the foot and up to full size examples. Many of the model marine engines end up in small steam boats used on the rivers and canals of Britain.

Model aero and jet engines also appear in these auctions.

The builders and designers associated with these stationary engines are important to the collector. Examples by Edgar T Westbury, O B Bolton, Clarkson of York, Stuart Turner, Anthony Mount appear frequently in our auctions with significant prices paid for top quality built and finished models.


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