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Tessa Parry FGA, DGA

Jewellery Specialist | 珠宝部专家

Tessa Parry has worked in the auction business for 12 years. She was introduced to antiques by her grandfather and from an early age developed an interest in jewellery – the stories behind the pieces, the lives touched and the reasons why and how an item came to be made she found particularly compelling.

Tessa completed her degree in Antiques, History and Collecting at Solent University and whilst working for another high-profile auction house she turned her passion for jewels into formal FGA and DGA gemmological qualifications.

Tessa joined Dreweatts in June 2013 and here she is responsible for valuing and cataloguing the Fine and monthly jewellery sales. Tessa is frequently based at Dreweatts’ London Pall Mall office where she runs the weekly Valuation Days for the Jewellery department.   

Her own interest lies with antique jewellery, especially the archaeological jewellery created by Giuliano and Castellani, through to the Art Deco jewellery of the 1930s.

Amongst many items of Jewellery, she has handled since 2013 Tessa counts a sapphire-set quatrefoil brooch by Castellani as one of her most interesting finds, the client had bought the piece for £1 at a car boot sale, and it sold at Dreweatts for £1,600. Another career highlight was valuing an important collection of antique jewellery, with items dating from the 1650s to the early 1900s, which went on to sell exceptionally well across two sales at the end of 2017 and in early 2018.




Tessa 在拍卖界有超过12年的从业经验。早年在她祖父的引领下,Tessa很早就对珠宝、珠宝背后的故事以及人与珠宝之间的互动产生了兴趣。

在索伦特大学获得了古物与历史学的学位之后,她随即获得了FGA和DGA的宝石鉴定师资格,并于2013年6月加入了德物兹的珠宝部门,一直负责德物兹月度和经典珠宝拍卖的估价和图录制作工作。同时Tessa每周会在德物兹的伦敦Pall Mall办公室进行珠宝估价的活动。

她个人的兴趣是古董珠宝,从Giuliano 和Castellani所做的复古珠宝到上世纪三十年代的法国新艺术时期的作品。在她2013年至今的从业生涯中,她个人最重要的发现之一是Castellani所做的蓝宝石胸针,卖家以一英镑的价格在汽车尾货市集所购,最终以1600英镑的价格在德物兹落槌。她另一个职业生涯高峰是为一批从十七世纪到二十世纪早期所产的古董珠宝进行估价,而这批珠宝在2017年底和2018年初取得了极好的成交价。

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