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A remarkable feature of our March sales is a recently re-discovered historically important spring pendulum Longitude timepiece. This extraordinary piece is to be offered at our Fine Clocks, Barometers & Scientific Instruments auction on 15 March. The Bruce-Oosterwijck Longitude Pendulum Sea Clock has a long history spanning from the 17th Century. The movement, created by Severijn Oosterwijck for Alexander Bruce in collaboration with Christiaan Huygens and Robert Moray, was the first attempt to establish longitude at sea with a purpose-made mechanical timepiece. It is a highly important product of a unique Anglo-Dutch collaboration and coupled with the fact that the mechanism appears to have remained intact, would justify the timepiece being described as of ‘museum importance’. The backplate of the current lot is signed by its maker ‘Severijn Oosterwijck Fecit Hague’. It is now being offered at auction by its owner to give others the opportunity to own this historic and highly important timepiece. To read a full account of its history please see our catalogue online (Lot 108). #dreweatts #donningtonpriory #fineclocks #historical #seaclock #horology #timepiece