Autographs and Ephemera

Autographs and Ephemera

Autographs and Ephemera

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Autographs and Ephemera covers all areas of history, music, film culture, sport and literature, with a wide range of items which might be related to historic events or owned by well-known figures. 

Many items featuring covetable autographs can be offered at auction and over the years they have become increasingly desirable, with clients looking to own a piece of history, be it a signed letter, photograph, record or theatre programme.  With contemporary communications progressively taking the form of emails and texts, items from a bygone age featuring handwriting are increasingly sought after. 

Ephemera is almost always paper based and covers items which were originally expected to have short term popularity or usefulness, however, it is often the improbability of their survival that makes these items so interesting and desirable. An exhaustive list of ephemera does not exist, but, typically would include: postcards, playing cards, magazine ads, newspaper clippings, old ledgers and scrapbooks, amongst many other items.

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