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23 May 2019 | 10:30am

Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

Lot 256

Wu Guichen (18th-19th century)

Estimate £2000 - £3000 + fees

Wu Guichen (18th-19th century), Qing Dynasty, Cat and Peonies, ink and colour on paper, inscribed and signed, with two seals of the artist, image size 117.5cm x 45.5 cm, framed and unglazed



A native of Jintan in todays Jiangsu Province, Wu Guichen excelled in painting flowers, capturing their likeness in meticulous detail. She achieved great success and was able to support the entire family by selling her paintings while her husband Gu He was in military service in northwest China.


Compared with a related work by Wu Guichen, Christies Hong Kong, 25th November, 2014, Lot 1096



清十九世 规臣《玉堂富贵》 纸本 镜心









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