Single Owner Collections

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It has always been the case that well curated and researched private collections that have been built over many decades will command a better price at auction than single items can. We have an enviable track record of achieving spectacular results for vendors of collections and pride ourselves on offering creative bespoke solutions in a vast array of specialisms. We have the ability to sell lower value items through our Bristol and Godalming (Surrey) salerooms, and have a much lower value threshold than some of our closest competitors, making the dissemination of a collection as simple as possible.

Selling full properties can be a difficult process, but our specialists are adept at making it as easy as possible, guiding you through each stage and offering expert and professional advice to put your mind at ease. Our broad knowledge base covering all auction disciplines ensures that everything within a property, from furniture, paintings and carpets, through to libraries, jewellery and coin or stamp collections, can be given the attention they deserve. In addition our integrated systems and impressive logistics chain means we can hold auctions on-location if preferred.

Recent examples of Single Owner Collections include The Collection of Laurence W. Hodson (1863–1933). Laurence Hodson was an advocate of William Morris and other leading artists of the English Arts & Crafts Movement. His collection included a library, artworks, tapestries and jewellery, with the sale total reaching over £1.3 million. Selected Items of the 5th Marquis Camden Will Trust, including artworks, furniture and a library sold for over £650,000 and Modern First Editions: The Library of Clive Hirschhorn reached a sales total of over £740,000. In 2011 we also sold the The Salem Collection, the finest collection of steam model locomotives to ever come on the market, for over £530,000,