Roxana Kashani

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Head of Islamic Manuscripts and Miniatures

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Roxana was educated in Tehran and completed her studies with a Masters degree from Royal Holloway, University of London. It was there that she discovered her passion for manuscripts and the hand-written word, and having joined Bloomsbury Auctions in 2012 she single-handedly established regular sections of sales dedicated to Islamic and Persian books, with notable successes with an important collection of Lebanese early printing in 2014. She has catalogued such manuscripts for sale and valuation for the London trade as well as private clients in the last few years, and has travelled widely in the Near East in order to consult related materials in collections there.

In December 2016 Roxana brings this important component of the manuscript world back into our regular dedicated sales (held twice annually, in summer and winter), reuniting in the auction world for the first time in several decades manuscripts from the Near Eastern cultures with those from Europe. These auctions will be titled Western and Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures.

She is a member of the Iran Society, and a member of The Islamic Manuscripts Association.