The Piet Jonker Collection

Garden Ornament, Architectural Fittings and Interior Decoration

LONDON, Dover Street - Dreweatts is delighted to present The Piet Jonker Collection of Garden Ornament, Architectural Fittings and Interior Decoration on Wednesday 27th May 2015. Routed in a passion for reclaimed architecture, sculpture and ornaments, the collection spanning 300 lots will offer bidders across the globe a unique opportunity to take inspiration from the interiors of Piet Jonker's Lindenhoff country estate to create their own reclaimed sanctuary. In line with Dreweatts developing online strategy the auction will be held at Mallett, Ely House in London with a live-stream to Lindenhoff, located in Baambrugge and close to Amsterdam, where real-time bidding will be available. Highlights from the collection will be exhibited at Dreweatts' Donnington Priory in Berkshire in April, with selected further highlights also on display at Mallett, Ely House before the auction.

Piet Jonker's reputation as a highly respected specialist supplier of architectural antiques and garden ornament has not been gained overnight.

He started out, in his own words 'decades ago' devoting his efforts at first to antique and reclaimed building materials, particularly terracotta, stone, marble and timber flooring.

It was a natural progression for Piet's expertise to develop into fire surrounds and chimneypieces, reflecting his view that whilst the flooring of an abode supplies its base and feeling of solidity, its hearth forms the room's heart.

Gorgeous room sets were laid out at Piet's beautiful Lindenhoff mansion and with this development came the need to evolve a style of interior decor that was both cutting edge and voguish whilst at the same time reflecting the inherent beauty and quality of design so clear in his architectural acquisitions, and so furniture, lighting and works of art were added into the mix.

Alongside all of this, Piet Jonker's high standing position as the go-to man for antique and later garden statuary and furniture has burgeoned, winning him the trust of clients all over the world.

The extensive collection is ever changing as stock comes and goes, but on visiting the mansion gardens at Baambrugge one can expect to see anything from a monumental sculpted stone figure of Bacchus (found whilst on a buying tour of northern Italy, overlooking a vineyard, and purchased on the spot), to a late 19th century cast iron industrial hoist cleverly refitted as an adjustable interior lamp.

Piet Jonker and his son Bast have developed the reputation of the business to such an extent now that designers tend to visit for inspiration, as well as to seek out a particular piece that they already have in mind.

The interiors and gardens carry a truly inspiring ambiance, and the items available to buyers in the spring auction sale possess some of that unique taste.


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LONDON, Dover Street - 1st April 2015