Auction Highlights: Interiors to include the Diane Pelham Burn Collection of Samplers, Friday 30th August

Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions is pleased to announce the forthcoming Interiors sale at Donnington Priory to feature select contents from Widgenton House, including a magnificent collection of antique samplers, alongside a unique selection of novelty canes and walking sticks. To take place 10am, Friday 30th August 2013 at the Donnington Priory Salerooms (near Newbury).

A collection of antique samplers from Widgenton House, the home of the late Diane Pelham Burn.

Di Pelham Burn was a notable authority on needlework and thimbles, she built her collection whilst enjoying a noteworthy career as a writer and lecturer on the subject, these pieces are a testament to her passion as well as her eye for detail. This extensive collection of antique samplers provides a unique insight into the development of this craft over a 300 year period, charting its evolution from a demonstration of technical ability, into a decorative piece. Each sampler carries a strong sense of the child's personality documenting a range of themes and subjects, ranging from idyllic scenes of rural life, to moralising quotations and designs inspired by biblical verse. The majority too, are endearingly embroidered with the name of the maker, and year of its creation, ranging in date from 1640 (lot 31) to the mid-nineteenth century. As lot 36 indicates, little has changed in the agenda of young girls over the last four centuries. As children today may wish to immortalise celebrities in their artwork, Fanney Martin, in 1773, showcases her presumed literary idol William Shakespeare, by delicately stitching quotes from The Tempest.

A selection of fine quality walking sticks, canes and parasols.

These novel canes, predominantly date from turn of the 20th century and highlight the ingenuity of British craftsmanship. Among the disguised are a corkscrew, paint set, fishing rod, umbrella, pipe, sword, and even a telescope! Particular highlights from the group are (lot 82) a set of four parasols: three gilt metal and porcelain mounted and another enamelled gilt metal example. Each is distinctly decorated with maidens, a courting couple, and the other with the head of a dog. Estimates for these items range from £100-300 and as such are affordable, but unique, pieces. Additionally, there are several finely worked canes and walking sticks mounted with unusual and charming animal heads, evidencing the lasting impact of Victorian tastes for nature and design indebted to the Arts & Crafts movement. Included in these are owls, dogs, horses, and rabbits.


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Dreweatts - 15 August 2013