WWF Charity Auction

24 Maddox Street, London W1S 1PP
Monday 17th September 2012, 7pm

5 lots of Cælestis are available at auction
All proceeds are donated to the WWF UK


This is the first “live charity auction sale in favour of the WWF UK of a limited edition of 5 exclusive bottles of the rare symbolic bio-dynamic Grand Cru Classé wine brand called Cælestis created for the WWF. This excellent vintage 2009 considered as the best Bordeaux vintage in recent times originates from the prestigious Château Fonroque (less than 3% of the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés wines are organic).

The first unique Cælestis label is autographed by the Oscar-winning composer, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, who is also the founder of the “Transatlantyk – Poznan International Film and Music Festival: “Pure wine brings great inspiration to my music.

Each Cælestis bottle is presented in a special handcrafted case in the shape of a book with an award winning photograph dedicated by the CEO of the WWF UK.

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Before the auction at 6pm there will be a preview cocktail

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Jan A.P. Kaczmarek – the Oscar winning composer whose music donated to Cælestis will be heard for the first time, Patrick Laine - the WWF UK Representative and Alain Moueix – the producer and oenologist from the Château Fonroque, the “official “Transatlantyk 2012 Poznan International Film and Music Festival bio-dynamic wine will be served.

Bio-dynamic wines are ecological wines produced without any artificial chemical fertilisers, insecticeds, fungicides and herbicides and without the use of aditives in wine. Bio-dynamic viticulture and processing of the grapes are treated as a holistic system including the influence of cosmos, therefore going even further than organic wine.

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Successful bidders can pay by either cash or by cheque to the WWF account before taking the wine away with them.

TRANSATLANTYK 2012 - 04 September 2012