The Sheppard Collection of Model Trains - 26th June (Dreweatts Bristol)

The Sheppard Collection comprises over 10,000 items from locomotives, coaches and wagons to lineside accessories and track, and the whole carries a pre-sale estimate of around £100,000.

The Sheppard Collection represents one man’s life-time passion or even obsession. Victor 'Des' Sheppard was a well-known West Country dealer and collector who, after retiring from work in a bank, had devoted his life to the acquisition of models reflecting Britain's rich railway heritage. He began as a small boy and continued right up to his death; in fact Des’s dedication to the accumulation and collection of model railways was such that he had to buy a second house to hold whatever he couldn’t fit into his home!

Enthusiasts will appreciate not only the enormous quantity of material, but also the excellent condition of the majority of pieces, which were had been carefully boxed and stored. Most are of OO gauge, but there are also O, HO, TT, and N gauge items, based upon prototypes from both the steam and diesel eras. Everything from Stephenson's 'Rocket' to the latest mainline express trains is represented. All the principal manufacturers are to be found in the Sheppard Collection, from Hornby and Tri-ang, to Bachmann and Lima. There are also a number of rarer items including short production run Wrenn locomotives, early Graham Farish OO gauge rolling stock, and boxed Exley OO gauge coaches.

All the models were made over a period from the 1930s up to the present day, and nostalgia will account for a large part of their appeal. Some potential buyers might be attracted by the bygone times, while others will be keen to re-acquire the playthings they had as children. Today, there are a great many collectors of model trains buying for use or display, or perhaps even both. Dreweatts is sure however, that all will appreciate this enormous collection so well cared for by Des Sheppard.

The collection will be offered for sale by Dreweatts in Clifton, Bristol on 26th June while Part II will be offered on 17th July.

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Dreweatts - 01 June 2012