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Ventenat (Etienne Pierre) Description des Plantes Nouvelles et peu Connues,1853. Jacques-Philippe-Martin Cels (1740–1806) was a tax collector and botanist who developed a garden on the outskirts of Paris, full of unusual plants.
Sold for £16,100; $24,800; €18,700

Natural history books are a common feature of both our general and specialist sales. The book department love to handle material that is frequently a very beautiful reminder of our rich environment and its enitre species. Already this year we have sold the wonderful Botanical Collection of a Continental Gentleman with highlights including Ventenat's Description des Plantes Nouvelles (£16,100, illustrated above), Nikolaus Thomas Host's Salix(£14,900) and Joseph Antoine Risso's Histoire Naturelle des Orangers (£12,400).